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Training Tips

Why should I care about driving engagement?

What comes to mind when people in your community hear your law firm's name? Do they know who you are? Do they have any negative or positive reactions?

For too many law firms, the answer is that people simply don't know who they are.

Why should you care if legal consumers in your area know who your firm is? After all, most consumers don't need an attorney very often, right?

While that's true, there are significant benefits to making sure that your law firm is known and trusted in your community - even by people who don't have an immediate legal need. 

Moderating Reader Comments: Building a Community, One Post at a Time

A Training Article for FindLaw Clients by Michael Owen Hill, Team Lead - Social Media

Comments are a fundamental aspect of blogs. In essence, the ability of the reader to comment (and of the blogger to respond) is one of the primary factors that distinguish social content, like blogs, from more static content, like websites. Furthermore, readers who submit comments expect those comments to be published - and they expect the blogger to respond.

For this blogger training article, your Blog Services Team at FindLaw will be addressing the importance of moderating reader comments on your blog. If we've been clear, after you read this article you'll come to believe as we do - that engaging with your readers is an investment in the success of your blog, and therefore an investment in your practice.